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The situation is critical. We are facing a singular ‘polycrisis’ : climate, food, sanitary, energy, finance, economy, social, digital and technology related. It is time to gather all talents, women and men, every skill, every energy and every goal to face this unprecedented challenge.
We are living in a rapidly changing world : 85% of tomorrow’s jobs  are yet to be invented or reinvented. Things are going really fast!
This is now a real challenge. The time has come to face it… Where are women?
How to link them to these fields when they represent only 24% of it? They also represent 11% of cybersecurity, 13% of the construction sector, 22% of algorithm design, 2% of finance management and 6% of CEOs.
It is more than crucial for women, as well as for men, to bring all their contribution to create the future of employment.

Toulouse, in the Occitanie area, seems undeniably like the ideal place for it. Which better place, than one where every day we create and experience tomorrow’s jobs? It is where we predict climate, we create, foresee crisis, search for ways to save lives, how to better feed our planet or how to travel around the world…

Occitanie, a place of research and talents, home to some of the world’s oldest universities, hasalready successfully brought together women from the Mediterranean region at the Women For Future 2022 summit in Montpellier.

No time is to be wasted. Let’s connect women to tomorrow’s jobs!

It is time to take action, women and men together, for all of us.

Chiara Corazza, President of CCC

French member of G20 EMPOWER

Member of G7 Gender Equality Advisory Board

Sophie Iborra, Direction board of engagement for La Tribune,
Deputy chairman of CPME in charge of women’s place in Economy
Member of the High Council for Gender Equality

Relive 2023

Jean-Luc MOUDENC – Mayor of Toulouse, Chairman of Toulouse Métropole

Nadia PELLEFIGUE – Vice-President of the Occitanie region

Fany RUIN – 1st Vice-President of CCI France and President of the Amiens-Picardie CCI

Chiara CORAZZA – Special Advisor to the Forum, Representative of France at the G20, Member of the G7 GEAC (Gender Equality Advisory Council)

Sophie IBORRA – Director of the La Tribune Commitment Council – Member of the Haut Conseil à l’Égalité entre les femmes et les hommes (High Council for Equality between Women and Men)

Pierre-André DURAND – Prefect of the Occitanie Region, Prefect of Haute-Garonne

Cécile BIASIO – Head of Spacecraft Tests France at Airbus

Naoual ZINE – General manager Reminex at Managem group

Roland LESCURE – Minister for Industry

Isabelle MAURO – General Manager, GSOA

Agnès PLAGNEUX-BERTRAND – Vice-President of Toulouse Métropole and Deputy Mayor of Toulouse


Modération : Pierrick MERLET, Journaliste, La Tribune

Aline AUBERTIN – President of the Femmes Ingénieures association and General Manager of Isep

Dipty CHANDER – President of E-mma

Catherine LAMBERT – President of Cerfacs, member of the Académie des Technologies, President of Club GALAXIE, Ambassador for France 2030

Catherine LADOUSSE – Co-chair of the parity commission Haut conseil à l’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes / Honorary President Interelles


Moderator: Amel KEFIF – Executive Director of Elles Bougent

Alexia ANGLADE – Sexism & parity expert, president and founder of Lumières

Fabienne ARATA – France country Manager LinkedIn
Ayumi MOORE AOKI – Founding President of Women in Tech® Global

Stéphanie LAVIGNE – Managing Director, TBS Education

Betty SEROUSSI – Founding President of Travel Planète

Aline CERF – President and co-founder of SmartCatch


Host : Raphaelle DUCHEMIN, journalist

Borina ANDRIEU – Managing Directora of Willmotte
Mohamed MEZGHANI – Secretary General of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP)

Atefeh MOGHADDAM – System configuration manager for the automation project for metro line 15-16-17, Grand Paris Express, Siemens Mobility France

Katayoune PANAHI – Director of SNCF IMMOBILIER


Host : Rima SABBAGH, Managing Director, Housing & Hotel Eq. Co

Anna CHOURY – Artificial Intelligence Leader AIRBUS

Dr Nacira GUEROUDJI SALVAN – President CEFYS cybersecurity association

Yannick MEILLER – Professor at ESCP Business School


Moderator: Pierrick MERLET, Journalist, La Tribune

Ersilia VAUDO – Astrophysicist, Director of Diversity at ESA, co-founder of the “Il Cielo Itinerante” Association

Charlotte NEYRET – Managing Director of ESSP

Nathalie FONT – Director of the Thales Alenia Space Toulouse site


Host : Raphaelle DUCHEMIN, journalist

Léa MOUKANAS – President of Aida
Nuria PEREZ-CULLELL – Medical, Patient and Consumer Director, Pierre Fabre


Host : Elisabeth RIBOUD, General Delegate, Heart and Research Foundation

Monica de VIRGILIIS – President of SNAM

Baiba MILTOVICA – President of the TEN Section of the European Economic and Social Committee

Elisabeth RICHARD – Director of Civil Society Relations ENGIE – Member of the French Equality Council


Moderator: Chiara Corazza, Special Advisor to the Forum, Representative of France at the G20, Member of the G7 GEAC (Gender Equality Advisory Council)

Alix de RENTY – Chairman of Ladies Bank, Oddo
Irena RADOVIC – Board member and Executive director at Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro

Brynhild DUMAS – President, ESCP Business School Foundation

Nawel BOUTAROUK – Founder and CEO of Olympes – Committed to unlocking women’s financial potential


Moderator: Tatiana de FRANCQUEVILLE, Managing Director of La Tribune

Marguerite SOETEMAN REIJNEN – Former Chairman of the Executive Board, AON Holdings
Marie Pierre RIXAIN – Member of Parliament for Essonne

Ouns LEMSEFFER – Partner de Clifford Chance we 4 she Maroc

Marie-Christine MAHEAS – Head of Mazars center for diversity and inclusion, and coordinator of the observatoire de la mixité

Elena BONETTI – MP, former Italian Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family


Host : Janina WIETSCHORKE, Germany Country Chair, Diplomacy and Negotiations Wing, G100

Maguelone PONTIER – General Manager of the Grand Marché MIN Toulouse

Philippe CARRERE – Regional Director, Occitanie, Eiffage Construction

Fany RUIN – 1st Vice-President of CCI France and President of CCI Amiens-Picardie

Nicole ENGERRAN – President of Coming Blue

Goretty FERREIRA – Founder of the Agency for Women’s Entrepreneurship


Moderation : Sophie IBORRA, La Tribune

Sophie IBORRA – Director, La Tribune Commitment – Member of the French High Council for Equality between Women and Men

Tatiana de FRANCQUEVILLE – General Manager, La Tribune

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